The war museum has two main floors which covers wars for over 250 years.
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  The War Museum is housed on two floors. The Main Level contains the exhibits, which cover more than 200 years of U.S. military history. Wars as recent as Desert Storm Gulf War exhibit to Revolutionary War exhibit.
and virtually every war in between:
War of 1812 Mexican War Civil War Spanish-American War World War I World War II Korean War Vietnam War
The contributions of area residents are always emphasized by using original local newspapers and memorabilia. Also located on the main level are; Newspaper display, USS Maine, medals, uniforms and helmets. Exhibit items runs the gamut from arms and armor to field equipment and flags. See a REAL code-breaking machine and even a captured Japanese flag. In addition, the Museum has several unique exhibits, including American Military Cemeteries and Memorials; and boast one of the few monuments to Women Veterans in this country...

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