The war museum has two main floors which covers wars for over 250 years.
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Donations and gifts are greatly appreciated. We are a 501(3)(C) Tax Deductible organization.

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We're always looking for help. We especially need greeters.

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  Donations and Gifts
Memorials are encouraged. Materials gifts can be donated to the Museum or put on loan. All exhibits are registered and entered in the computer and can be traced. Documentation helps establish historical value. Call (217) 431-0034 if you wish to donate material, or visit us at the Museum. There's someone here every day of the week except Monday.

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An excellent way to support the Museum is by becoming a member. Your contribution will help ensure that our important work continues. Memberships are available at a variety of levels. Please contact us for more information.

We're always looking for help. We especially need greeters.Please contact us for more information.

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